Q – Do we buy things?

A – No, we only take items on consignment or donation.

Q – Do we consign clothing?

A – No, all of our clothing is donated even our higher end clothing in the boutique.

Q – How often do we receive merchandise?

A – Everyday (Mon – Fri).

Q – Do we charge to appraise items to go on consignment?

A – There is no charge for appraisals.

Q – How far do we go for appraisals, pick ups and deliveries?

A – Within a 10 mile radius with some exceptions of some areas where our trucks have difficulties getting to or too complicated to get to.

Q – Do you charge for picking up items or delivering?

A – We only charge for picking up consignment and deliveries. Donation pick ups are free.

Please call us at (626) 535- 2468 if you have any questions.